EUCOR, partner of the European Student Card

5 universities, 3 countries, 1 campus

Eucor – The European Campus is a trinational alliance of five universities in the Upper Rhine, a border region between Germany, France and Switzerland.

Its members are the universities of

  • Basel,
  • Freiburg,
  • Haute-Alsace,
  • Strasbourg,
  • and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

Together, these institutions crystallise the skills of some 15,000 researchers, 13,500 doctoral candidates and 117,000 students in a region that is economically strong and research intensive in the heart of Europe. Their aim is to build a scientific space with a clearly defined profile, without walls or borders and with international outreach.

The alliance is poised to become a European University. Common structures, common governance and a common strategy for research and training have laid the foundations.

In 2015, the five universities created a dedicated legal entity in the form of a European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC), solidifying a cooperation that dates back to 1989. In this context, the universities retain their autonomy, but can act together in a more targeted way under the name “Eucor – The European Campus”. As the first EGTC carried exclusively by universities, Eucor – The European Campus is a model project, unique in the European research area.


See the 2 minutes video here