2023 European Student Card Survey

18/12/2023 in Europe.

Dear Madam/Sir member of the ESC Governance Model,
this is a kindly reminder that the 2023 European Student Card Survey has been launched.
Through this survey, we would like to learn more about what students and higher education
institutions want out of the European Student Card, their view on the use of student
cards as well as their experience with the current ESC. The survey will be open until 18th of
December included. The average time to complete the survey is 5 minutes, in function of the profile
of the audience group.
We would be very grateful if you could distribute this survey amongst your network and
encourage that students and HEIs staff reply to it, to ensure a good representation of the survey
findings. You will find a template message here below, should you wish to forward or disseminate
the survey to your colleagues or other relevant audiences.

As you may know, the European Student Card – is one of the building blocks of
the European Student Card Initiative promoted by Directorate General for Education and
Culture of the European Commission (DG EAC). The ESC aims at facilitating student
status verification across Europe, while promoting mobility and a common European
identity for higher education students.  
As part of this effort, we are pleased to launch the ESC survey – until 18th of December – to
learn more about what students and higher education institutions want out of the European
Student Card along with their views on their experience in using and implementing it.  
If you are a student or work in a higher education institution (especially in the roles
of Management, International Relations Officers, and IT Responsibles), we would be
grateful if you could take a few minutes of your time to fill out our survey.  
Please access it here!

Your opinion matters!
Best regards,
ESC Support Team