Improving campus life: 10 proposals of action by the French Conference of University President

May 30, 2016 in Orléans, France.

The annual conference of the Conference of Univeristy Presidents (CPU) ended last Friday, May 27. For three days, more than 300 people, members of the CPU and personalities of higher education have reflected all the problems related to campus life, strategic challenge for the students, the academic community and the region as a whole. 10 proposals have emerged

After three days of debates, round tables, testimonials, joint discussions in thematic workshops, the CPU delivers its proposals on impulse and guidance to the campus life in higher education institutions.

10 proposals were made:

  1. Gather all players of campus life;
  2. Create in every universitya mission territory / university that will interface for relations with the territory;
  3. Develop the presence of companies on campus and creativity of our students;
  4. Making university places of celebrations, curiosity, visits and pride;
  5. Make the campus living and  open places;
  6. Promote commitment of univeristy staff in campus life and make the quality of working life, well-being and commitment an essential part of the human resources policy of universities;
  7. Offer support to students to help them formalize the skills acquired as part of their commitment,in view of their further professional integration;
  8. Develop and strengthen academic services supporting social cohesion and campus life;
  9. Make campus demonstrators of innovative projects in support of energy, economic and social transitions;
  10. Promote new campuses financing solutions.