The Council of Ministers in France raises the European Student Card

June 15, 2016 in Paris, France.

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development and the Secretary of State for European Affairs presented a Communication on European initiatives for young people at the Council of Ministers of France on Wednesday, 15th June 2016.

The European student card has been discussed to the Council of Ministers within the European initiatives for young people who will act as a driving belt to revive the European project.

Thus it is important to enhance mobility and European citizenship of young people and to facilitate their entry into working life, to take new European initiatives.

It was in that vein that the French Prime Minister proposed at the Council of Ministers of 6 May 2015 to launch a European student card which would offer students a simplified access to assert his rights and to certain services.

Since May 2015 the project has made substantial progress: it should be experienced from September 2016 by four volunteers European countries: France, Italy, Germany and Ireland.

A digital platform should be put in place for the recognition of student ID to be effective in some partner regions and cities of volunteer member states. In France, this digital recognition may facilitate access to the services of the regional centers of student services for students from European countries participating in the experiment, especially for housing requests in hall of residences, access to university catering at social or access to services offered by the host institutions (e.g. libraries).

After this first phase, the other European member states will be invited to join this initiative in order to generalize it on a European scale, with the establishment of a European student card allowing automatic recognition of student status throughout Europe.